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Easy stuff. Use either your mobile or email to get your pic to Hudson.

*Mobile users, just send an MMS to:

For emailers, just attach your pic to an email, write the blurb in the body of the mail and again, send to:

and your posts will show up on the Hudson moblog instantly.

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‘Picture of You’ comes from the debut album ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ which is out now. Click onthe HMV logo to buy from HMV

or HERE from iTunes.

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Some years ago...

They're a bit different..I don't know which one I prefer, so I'll add bothI can send you the original one if you would prefer the pic with a different

Chiara xxx


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This is me (KAM) and ma friend SAmmy. this was taken on wednesday 23rd
february in the toilets of the carling academy birmingham @ THE AMY
WINEHOUSE Gig. You guys were supporting and were amazing. It seemed like
only me and ma friend were dancin cuz evri 1 else was just standin there
lookin lost (an explanation 4 this could be that the majority ofthe crowd
were over 40 and wouldnt know what good music wuz even if it slapped em
across the face). Ne ways u guys were heavy.. and u shud put me and ma
friend n the disc cuz we r local girls... Handsworth/wood and all that
(H-town, 16 and 101 bus, soho road... u catch ma drift)



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Hey Mr. H, Maps, Wilkie, Joy, Torville.... love the album, hope to see you guys again soon! Good luck with the single. Babygirl Shell (myspace buddy) x

picture of me to you!

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the last day of primary school 1988...great days!


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I have no idea what sort of picture you want... so here's a few!

Emily Rose xxx

P.S. You guys rock :) I've got my friends into you now!


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Pic of me too youuuuuu

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pic of me to you

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