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Easy stuff. Use either your mobile or email to get your pic to Hudson.

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‘Picture of You’ comes from the debut album ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ which is out now. Click onthe HMV logo to buy from HMV

or HERE from iTunes.

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a picture of you

(viewed 552 times)
I sweet reminder from me to you that youre never alone....

met you all at the "too late too late" video shoot - great people, great
style, great sound....

cant wait to hear more!


Picture of you

(viewed 541 times)
From Katie Smith

Photo for the single

(viewed 614 times)
You didn't say anything about it being a human picture! This would make all the dog lovers (and anyone with a heart) rush out to buy the new single!

Andy W x


(viewed 569 times)
Hey I'm Lisa. I saw u when u supported paolo nutini in wolverampton and since then I've loved you! I went and bought ur album the next day and I've sent ur songs to my m8s who didn't know of you! =] I can't wait to see you again! I'm coming to the godiva festival and ur gig in birmingham this month so that should be really good! I'd love to be on the cover because I'm always talking about mr hudson to my friends at college and it would be great to show them how much of a fan I am of ur music!

Picture face

(viewed 542 times)
My Friend, Your friend

Picture of you...

(viewed 496 times)
beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


(viewed 634 times)
Hello Mr. Hudson and your fellow librarians,

my name is Dale. I first heard you guys in February supporting Amy Winehouse in Manchester. After the first 2 bars of the first song you played me and my twin sister had decided to buy all our family (we all sing or play guitar and love live music) tickets to see you whenever you were next playing. So my best friend and I traveled up to leeds my hometown, a few months later from uni in Bath and about 15 of us all went along to the cockpit - Mr. Hudson you sang too late too late and got my mom to join in (she was wearing sunglasses), she absolutely adores that song so it was ace you picked her! Then me and my best friend traveled back down to bath and then jumped on a bus to bristol and saw you play on the boat - even tho leeds is my hometown I must admit the gig in bristol was amazing- i was glad more people new the words, i sang along to every song at both gigs! My sister is in the process of painting up some "I love Joy" t-shirts!
Anyway this is my pic... it would be ace to grace your record cover! Spesh as this is my favourite slower tune!
Good luck for the future,

Picture Mr Hudson

(viewed 526 times)
Hats Off, Mr HatsOn