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Welcome, this is my moblog space. I first blogged to this site back in August 2005....

I have taken various images with my trusty Pocket PC's, an i-mate PDA2k EVDO on the Telstra network in the land of Oz and most recently (2 yrs) my imate JASJAM.


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Is that me

(viewed 310 times)
So the artist says
14th Jun 2007, 04:25   comments (0)

She drew on the tablecloth

(viewed 386 times)
Here at TAFE and the teacher drew on the tablecloth
14th Jun 2007, 03:41   comments (0)

Goal keepers effort

(viewed 430 times)
Kicked in the face at soccer
26th May 2007, 01:09   comments (2)

Problems with this one

(viewed 350 times)
He claims its the only place to smoke, but mr aristocrat know better
23rd May 2007, 20:56   comments (0)


(viewed 371 times)
He is to some of us
23rd May 2007, 19:55   comments (0)

Go the reds

(viewed 295 times)
23rd May 2007, 19:47   comments (0)

Things we do

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That am in the land of oz, just enough time to drive 15 minutes north to pick up a mate, then 20 south to watch LIVERPOOL vs milan......
23rd May 2007, 18:43   comments (0)

just let dad watch countdown

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All I want to do is watch countdown (aussie music show from the 70's) and the kids are being nuts!
20th May 2007, 10:29   comments (0)