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Welcome, this is my moblog space. I first blogged to this site back in August 2005....

I have taken various images with my trusty Pocket PC's, an i-mate PDA2k EVDO on the Telstra network in the land of Oz and most recently (2 yrs) my imate JASJAM.


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The Biggest one yet

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good wife steps out of the shower to meet this little fella!I can tell you his/her fangs are about the size of a tic tac, Each one!
12th Feb 2006, 00:29   comments (1)

Car door

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my poor young fella, getting out of the car yesterday and got his finger trapped in the door. I had to open the door to free his finger. Makes a grown man cry!
11th Feb 2006, 09:44   comments (2)

Hey J2S ppl

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This is my 5pm meeting!
9th Feb 2006, 06:36   comments (0)

Fish n chips

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Our local fishy, same husband and wife team for nearly 40 year! I know they had 1 week off once, serious
8th Feb 2006, 07:45   comments (0)

Not that cold

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But I do walk bare footed in the snow with shorts and tshirt! So maybe it is cold
7th Feb 2006, 00:16   comments (0)

It beats being in class

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7th Feb 2006, 00:15   comments (0)

Can u say last

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A cool swimming carnival, fun events
7th Feb 2006, 00:09   comments (0)


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5th Feb 2006, 23:04   comments (0)