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Welcome, this is my moblog space. I first blogged to this site back in August 2005....

I have taken various images with my trusty Pocket PC's, an i-mate PDA2k EVDO on the Telstra network in the land of Oz and most recently (2 yrs) my imate JASJAM.


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The best view in sydney

(viewed 389 times)
When you're leaving!
22nd Nov 2005, 09:19   comments (0)

Just got it

(viewed 357 times)
split second, I am getting better!
22nd Nov 2005, 05:43   comments (0)

Will they hassle me?

(viewed 348 times)
ticket police r on board...
22nd Nov 2005, 05:37   comments (0)

Eggs n toast 2 come

(viewed 406 times)
sunday @ 10am, sports news on, coffee brewing and wife and kids gone out visiting.......
19th Nov 2005, 23:08   comments (0)

Few laps of the stairs needed today

(viewed 331 times)
19th Nov 2005, 23:07   comments (0)

Gather round kids

(viewed 658 times)
They think their great granny is telling stories
19th Nov 2005, 04:26   comments (0)

One son

(viewed 374 times)
Happy birthday visit
19th Nov 2005, 01:59   comments (0)

Mum and daughter

(viewed 393 times)
My oldgirl and her ma....
19th Nov 2005, 01:53   comments (0)