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portrait of a city

the old city, the medina, was wonderful. crazy bartering madness, so much to take in. we wandered around quite in a daze trying to absorb as much of it as we could. we ate out at an excellent restaurant for our celebration meal and it was just opposite the main mosque and we heard the call to prayer, it was haunting.
4th Jun 2006, 23:38   comments (12)


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touristy bits first, the old royal palace and graffiti carved bamboo in the yves saint laurent gardens majorelle. in the palace, architecture of painted wood and intricately carved sandstone.
4th Jun 2006, 23:33   comments (2)

all good things

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Last day of the trek. Went through villages back in to civilisation, the general feeling throughout the group was that we'd much rather have stayed very far away from everything and in the mountains! the villages were lovely and we passed with many a bonjour from inhabitants :)
4th Jun 2006, 23:29   comments (0)

day 4

These are kinda ordered wrong... but day 4 terrain was lots of steep downhill and i was ill towards the end of the day so didn't get the chance to take many photos. I picked up a very pretty rock though which i've been holding a lot since i got back heh.

The green grasshopper was 2 inches big by the way! It was a bit bug central as we descended from the mountains! And lunch, one example just to show the delicious food we ate all week!

The camp was stunning for this night, you can't really get a scale of the rocks from the pictures but they were huge and beautiful, how do rocks get like this?! the sunset was great, it got dark and cold real quick though because we were surrounded with rocks, and i'm sure we heard some raptors in my sleep... tonight we all laughed so much our sides nearly split, it was lovely : )
2nd Jun 2006, 20:42   comments (4)

sights of day 3

breathtaking would be a word that would be appropriate for what we saw on day 3. humbling another. having climbed this far and standing at the summit made me feel infinite and clean. The darker mountains in the distance on picture 3 are the atlas mountains, the highest peak there being jebel toubkal which you can see here.

our camp on day 3 had a certain medieval beauty somehow, something out of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. lots of laughs as ever, and dancing with the local support crew to their songs and drums. perfect.
31st May 2006, 23:06   comments (6)

people of day 3

Picture one is of our failsafe guide Hussein with his sturdy and sure feet that were a joy to follow! I love him best for his voice and the way he yelled YAHOOO-HOOOOO!!! so it echoed off all the mountains around us and how he sung his walking songs for me at top volume perfectly in key with no inhibitions like we'd have! And i miss him shouting my name when i caught up with the trailblazers : )

Picture two is the official 'we climbed a really high mountain and we are pleased!' picture. Three is our precarious lunch! Four is smiley Tim, serene Dave, nothing much Dale and quizzical Martin! And five Amy and I being very happy to be in the absolute middle of nowhere with our friends.
31st May 2006, 18:24   comments (1)

Day 2

Today was the hardest day of the whole trek. After feeling sorry for our poor overladen mules we walked through 3 more villages, the first of which had this beautiful little girl working in the fields with her mother, we swopped a pen for a photograph of her! Thanks to the translating wonder that was my dear friend Hassan for that one.

Then it was just climb climb climb for hours until lunch, some lovely villages though with such lush valleys below them. The photo of the mountains here, the one on the left is the summit we were heading for on day 3.

We had lunch in a beautiful green valley with a spring which i got sprinkled all over me by our mischievous guide Hussein. After a longer than normal siesta and lots of stories from Jens our amazing doctor we were off again... the afternoon had us traversing this mountain, which as you can possibly make out was just scree, every footstep caused steep downwards sliding and rescue by companions, this day was the day we really had to rely on each other quite heavily, scary times, very panicked breathing and dangerous tired leg stumbling. tears of absolute exhaustion got me before we got to the camp when i realised we had 2 more very steep hills to climb before the descent into our camp valley. slept well this night!
29th May 2006, 12:13   comments (4)

Day 1

After a very long day of travelling and not getting in to bed much before 1am, we were up at half 6 to organise our bags, have breakfast and pile into the minibus to head over to the first village called Anzal where we had our first mint tea! highly sugared to indicate the level of hospitality! Luckily it was quite cloudy, the terrain today was very open and had the sun been blazing we would have flaked out with the added travel fatigue i think! The goats were out in force!

First lunch was delicious, as was every meal following it whilst camping. Hussein the cook is a legend. After lunch we all had a mini siesta to let the food go down a bit, all laying bunched together each day from the beginning, like we'd known each other a whole lot longer than a day! It was very cute.

After a very long day, completely exhausted we reached the first camp near the village of Ait Tigga. Daniel [pictured with Amy] had already been a hero several times and our friendship was very much cemented! I've never seen stars like I saw here, millions and millions filling the sky without barely a space in between. No one slept very well due to the damn mules honking right outside our tents all night!
29th May 2006, 11:52   comments (6)