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Hello all!

One of the guys at work uses this place so i thought id give it a whirl!

More to come.......
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Vinyl Tastic!!!!

Following BenosTaylorian's post on dubious vinyl collections, here's a selection from my dads pile..... enjoy.

The Sun & The Moon

(viewed 1180 times)
30th Jan 2007, 00:39   comments (2)

Feeling ill

(viewed 1849 times)
So i was off on Friday with a cold. I know it was only a cold but everytime i get one it knocks me for 6. So i thought id get some Vicks Sinex (which turns out to be brilliant), olbus stick (again, brilliant), some egg mayo and tiger bread rolls. All in all some good purchases!
27th Jan 2007, 22:30   comments (2)

Its oh, so quiet.....

(viewed 1208 times)
25th Jan 2007, 15:58   comments (1)

Oh dear!

(viewed 1096 times)
I cant see a bloody thing!
25th Jan 2007, 11:42   comments (8)

Mmm, DB5

(viewed 1184 times)
�£2.99 for an Aston Martin DB5 and mag cant be bad, £7.99 for every other issue is a joke thought!!!!
23rd Jan 2007, 14:43   comments (4)

Stew Shoes!

(viewed 1261 times)
holierthanthou's skanky old shoes just love dat stew!
17th Jan 2007, 13:54   comments (6)

Clone Maiden

(viewed 1194 times)
Try and get 'Run To The Hills' by Iron Maiden in your head as you look at these pics!
16th Jan 2007, 15:14   comments (4)
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