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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Radio Ga-Ga

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This is the mighty Tom Ferguson, the one-man on-stage army of this year's Edinburgh Fringe smash hit, Radio. We snuck into our venue when no-one was looking to check out the space ahead of our technical time on Monday, and to let Tom get a feel for the acoustics and that.

Stars Tech

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On Thursday we finished a tech run of Stars in the studio space that we've been using for rehearsals, then ran a first dress. Hugely useful, this, especially for timing out cues for the various scene transitions.

Yesterday (Friday) was our setup day in the Traverse (that's it in thethird pic, looking through our stage and into Trav 2 next door): everything went fine and we're in really good shape for the week ahead!

Shamwagon @ The Stand

The Penny Dreadfuls, in one of their incarnations, rocked the heck out of The Stand's pretty young things last night, in the last Shamwagon before the Fringe "kicks off".

1: Backstage action with Humphrey's leg.
2: Umbrellas out the back.
3: The view from deep within my tiny techbox. Note that I can't see any of stage left.
4: The H-Bomb and Pete.
5: Webminion Steve takes some exciting snapshots.
6: Backstage photos.
7: Steve lines up this impressively retro shot.

Stars Prep

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Stars is getting there. We've assembled the set and lighting in a rough proof-of-concept in our Supar Sekret Base prior to the actual get-in on Friday. Lots still to do, but we're in very good shape.

And yes, I know I'm on record for slagging off projection but that's mainly projection-as-scenery and actually this projection is actually quite beautiful actually.

Enola In Wimbledon

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It was incredibly hot. Factors: 60-odd people in a small room; theatre lighting; the raw heat of artistic wonder; &c.;

1: Staging. Note that the working lights are still on, and the back curtain that covers the window is open, even though the audience has started to filter in.
2: Lewis Young as Gilchrist and Al Smith as Scherhoff.
3: A signed picture of Bonnie Langford that I found backstage.
4: Kandinsky, Al's cat after whom Kandinsky Theatre Company is named. Kandinsky is the least responsive cat I've ever encountered - no reaction to anything you do to her.

Tate Modern

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Paws McG and I went to Tate Modern. It rained on us. Then we got substantially bored by the bobbins art and had fun people-watching instead. Then we ill-advisedly had some chips in the super-organised cafe.

1: Paws. This picture may get removed if Paws disapproves! [EDIT: removed]
2: Glow-y green-y escalator.
3: Ridin' the glow-y green-y escalator.
4: Turbine Hall.

Be Aay

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...winner in the ga-ame of life. Yesterday was quite busy, what with
stuff in Leeds and Wimbledon within the same chunk of time.
20th Jul 2006, 00:43   comments (13)

Advert: Enola Is Still On

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Until Saturday night, actually. Book now, etc. Award-winning, and that.
20th Jul 2006, 00:34   comments (2)