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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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King's X

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neel is a tired neel after a day in "the big city".
29th Mar 2006, 23:03   comments (16)

Not Real-Time

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Two things here:
1) What does that actually mean?
2) What? What?
28th Mar 2006, 10:48   | tags:,,comments (5)

Sea'n It

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Right: that's that over with. Hurray!

1: The beach (note how the not-in-the-right-place-because-its-a-modelbox light source is too far from the skycloth, causing hard shadow at the sides. Bah.)

2: The house, or some of it at least (note how there's only one window instead of three, since there wasn't enough equipment. Grr.)

3: The shop (note how there's a bunch of extra spill from the opposite lantern on each side, since these are 1:1 lanterns on a 1:50 model. Ho hum.)


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My extremely minimal set is now in place. Just a rather large amount of paperwork to do, now, before my presentation on Thursday morning. Woo!

That's Almost An Arm-Full

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The ambient-pretty kitchen of Mr Tuck, late-ish one night.


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Morning light / lino floor
20th Mar 2006, 21:51   | tags:,,,comments (2)

The Penny Dreadfuls in Glasgow

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The Penny Dreadfuls have just finished an exhausting four-different-shows-a-day run at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival (tragic website). They pretty much depend on my technical genius, so I've just got back from Scotchland and I'm quite tired.

1. Our beautiful venue, the Britannia Panopticon, is a not-yet-restored Victorian Music Hall. [Note the slot-machine arcade and bingo parlour on the ground floor.]

2. The Dreadfuls themselves: Handsome Dave, Humphrey the English Giant, Sir Thomas Tuck & The Notable Jamie Anderson.

3. Flagship show Aeneas Faversham in full swing: "The Clockwork Frog Sketch".

4. Putting up one of the massive posters: even Humphrey the English Giant has to be chair-assisted by The Notable Jamie Anderson. Someone called the cops on us, but they seemed okay with us a) having permission and b) sticking it to the side of our own venue. They didn't take a flyer, though.

Latest From The 'Box

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We have a little modelbox lighting rig, which uses birdies. Downside is that they can only be on/off, and the birdies can't be focused in any way besides the direction they're pointing in.

So these two shots were set up in our Lighting lab: the thin strip of light is from a shuttered-in Strand SL profile at about 60%, and it's exactly the sort of effect that the modelbox rig can't produce.