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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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The sculpture that they're taking down has these newly-exposed support beams underneath, all flaky with rustiness and soil. Cool.
13th Apr 2005, 13:21   comments (1)

High Drama

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These things are so badly written (sorry form copywriters!):

Do not not tick this box if you haven't not got any children and you are aged less than 25; if you are aged more than 25 and you didn't answer "no", go to section c now. But fill this bit out first if you did. N't.

What if I am exactly 25?
12th Apr 2005, 15:33   comments (6)

Why I Hate ITV News (part 1 of many)

(viewed 1690 times)
In their stupid "virtual studio" they do a bit about tomorrow's headlines, like most news programmes. But instead of holding up the papers they mysteriously hover in virtual space: that's not what I'm bothered about.

Here's the thing: why do they chop the top off the broadsheets and just stick in the logo, when the tabloids all get their entire front page displayed including any adverts, offers, features, etc? Seems a little bit uneven, if you ask me.

I hate ITV News.
12th Apr 2005, 14:25   comments (28)

Chasin' Dreams

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I was coming back up the hill, clutching a bottle of milk and without my phone, when I saw this big lorry go past with some of the sculpture bits that Faustus moblog'd about yesterday.

Knowing this would be our last chance for a snap, Faustus and I ran after it with cameras. Up a hill. It was a long way off. We're not exactly athletes. Gasp. Pant.

And then it didn't even leave! It turned back down into a different bit of the sculpture park, so maybe they're only relocating it.

12th Apr 2005, 14:19   comments (4)

Faustus Makes 'Food'

Still in his fancy-pants chair, Faustus makes himself a delicious Chicago Town 'pizza', before inching his way back to his abode to await me putting these pics up.
11th Apr 2005, 22:13   comments (3)

Faustus! (clip)

(viewed 615 times)
Everybody say hello to moblogUK's newest resident, Faustus Pringle!

Here Faustus decides to see if he can get in and out of the block without rising from his fancy-pants executive-style office chair. He gets out okay...
11th Apr 2005, 22:08   comments (3)

Number Hunt

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Since SteveMichelle got 162 in the Numbers Game, I went tried to find anything useful: I have rubbish numbers here and hardly any at that. Boo. We even get the same buses every day, so no new numberplates!
11th Apr 2005, 21:20   comments (3)

Brass Rubbin'

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This was originally a different post, but I kept the title 'cos I liked
it.I suppose this one could be called "Light & Dark". Or something.
11th Apr 2005, 20:15   comments (1)