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Nemo will be playing gigs around Europe this month, and we want you to help document our travels.
Take pictures of Nemo onstage, after the gigs, posters and flyers, the band out and about--anything you can think of related to Nemo!

To send pictures and video clips to this moblog: Just MMS (picture message) or email your images to:
Add a title in the 'subject' field and add info about the photo in the body of the message (don't forget to include your name!).

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Supporting Imogen Heap in Birmingham 12 Oct 06

(viewed 876 times)
Awesome 1st show of the night!Tam x
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17th Oct 2006, 17:30   comments (0)

Nemo on tour

(viewed 885 times)
a few random pics from the nemo-imogen heap tour recently...
Lisa xx
13th Oct 2006, 23:30   comments (0)

Nemo in Sheffield

(viewed 993 times)
The boys in the dressing room.
2nd Oct 2006, 22:44   comments (0)

Lifespan Launch 7th Sept 06

(viewed 758 times)
from tundra_girl
Tam x
22nd Sep 2006, 10:52   comments (0)

Lifespan Launch 7th Sept 06

(viewed 647 times)
22nd Sep 2006, 10:46   comments (0)

Kennedy and James at Metro 20.07.06

(viewed 705 times)
from tundra_girl_________________________________________________________________
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2nd Aug 2006, 09:40   comments (0)

Nemo at Metro, London 20.07.06

(viewed 689 times)
A great show

posted by tundra_girl
2nd Aug 2006, 09:37   comments (0)

Watching our gear being manhandled on to plane...

(viewed 799 times)
the lugguage guy really was chucking all our cases and bags onto the
conveyer as if to make sure that if there were any breakables in the
bags/cases, they would get broken. Thanks mate!
12th Jul 2006, 12:41   comments (0)