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Take a break from getting better

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A friend of mine is home today after three months in hospital. He's very happy to be free. This was taken during his last week. With his ward buddy - a true character - Wes.

I did a photo essay on his recovery and i'm making a book from it. His transformation has been truly remarkable.

It's a, nice day for a wet wedding...

No weddings for me this sabbath. Figures that the weather would be good. I've spent the time processing wetter weekends instead.

Urban gardener

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Immortal beloved

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Spent some time in graveyards recently. I launched a funeral photography company -
29th Jul 2009, 21:11   comments (18)

Rainy days and Tuesdays...

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I wondered if this was considered the same as driving whilst talking on the phone...
28th Jul 2009, 09:52   comments (11)

Birthdays, weddings and newborns

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On the 16th July my moblog turned five years old, a fact I find simply amazing. A few of the other old-timers on here have passed the half-decennium mark in the last few months and some have posted a quick moblog birthday picture to bring attention to the occasion. Me, I took a few minutes to celebrate with a cup of coffee and a mini-retrospective of my first few moblog pages, but I wanted to create a post that offered a proper tip of my hat.

I'm sitting here trying to encapsulate just how long five years is in moblog terms but it isn't easy. I've witnessed plenty: The famous crash of '04; sitting in on heated debates of 9/11 "truths" and hot lesbian action; 7/7 and WNA; dailyme; drive-blogging; memorable movie moments; 256 kilobyte file sizes; SPIED!; hook-ups; break-ups; jump club; peripheral voyeurs and sceptics turning into valued members; Shoot London...oh and how could I forget all the new babies around here? Still the list goes on and on...

Personally, five years has been long enough for me to move house three times; lose friends; win friends; change career direction; shave my head several times and watch it grow back. Long enough that when I started doing it, posting camera phone pictures to the internet was received with suspicion by most everyone I told. "Fucking weird" an ex-colleague of mine said. Very succinct. These days he uploads his entire drunken weekend to facebook without a batting an eyelid. Not so weird any more. Things have certainly changed.

It used-to niggle me that I couldn't convince my real-world friends to buy into moblog. They just didn't stick around long enough to see how fantastic the people are and what a wonderful platform it is for self-expression. I say used-to because it doesn't bother me any more. Over the last five years, so many of the virtual moblog pals I've made have turned into genuine real-world friends, and what used to be very disparate aspects of my real-life and moblog-life have gradually merged into a single narrative. No more is this evident to me than in my job; if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of the moblog community, it's doubtful I'd have been inspired to forge a career-change into wedding photography. Not only that, but I've been booked for almost thirty weddings this year, and a third of those engagements came through referrals from moblog people. That is truly amazing. I owe an awful lot to this community.

This fifth birthday is important to me, so it's equally important that I say "thanks" to everyone for these last few years. That i've been allowed an opportunity to delve into so many lives and share in your joys, upsets and moments, well, that's a true privilege. When I think about all I have seen in these pages - the collective history - I find it hard not to get sentimental. I've learned so much in being part of this community, perhaps no more so than the power of the image in connecting people. Sharing. I can honestly say that moblog helped me find myself, and for that I could never be grateful enough.

Recently i've been thinking about all the fun I had (and have) through the likes of jump club, dailyme and interview52. I hope others do too. I'm not about to join several of the mobloggers here in having babies anytime soon, so for now my newborn will have to be a new moblog group project called Mixed Phedia. That's my baby, and hopefully a small way of saying thanks to everyone. Do have a look and join the group if you're interested. Even if you're not, you might as well join anyway, because if you don't i'll be niggling you to do so. More to be announced in the next few days... ; )

People come and go, and perhaps moblog isn't currently as busy as it used to be, but it's still my hub. I'm still in love. Thank you.

26th Jul 2009, 19:34   | tags:,,,comments (47)

What's behind the curtain

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22nd Jul 2009, 16:48   | tags:,,,comments (11)


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Went to Oxford to visit a buddy of mine temporarily residing at John Radcliffe. Spent the afternoon ambling and taking some photographs...
21st Jul 2009, 15:02   | tags:comments (20)