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Smaicw ?

Ambell lun oddiar rhen Nokia. . . .

[ The strange language that you'll attempt to read accompanying some of my photos would be Welsh, so sorry if that alienates any of you ! Im sure you can enjoy the photos / leave comments anyways ;) ]


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London Trip / Tripio yn Llundain

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On a recent trip to london. . .

1st - found in a bathroom.
2nd - found in a shop - they didnt have a StGeroges pair !! [?!] - even though at the time, england were still in the world cup.

Siwmper i Bambi

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Siwmper i Bambi // Jumper for Bambi
23rd Jul 2006, 16:46   | tags:comments (0)

Bom ym Mryste

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June 2006 :: Bomb in Bristols Broadmead Shopping Area !?

"10:40 - 09 June 2006

Bristol was brought to a standstill as workers building the new Broadmead shopping centre uncovered what is believed to be an unexploded Second World War bomb.

All 300 shops in the shopping centre and a number of office blocks were shut down and thousands of staff and shoppers evacuated as police sealed off the area between Penn Street and Bond Street where the suspected bomb was discovered. Major routes into the area, including the M32, were closed, causing chaos for drivers trying to get into and out of the city."

. .. . .. . .. . .. next day . .. . .. . .. . .. .

"A suspected bomb which caused chaos in Bristol for more than 24 hours has turned out to be a harmless lump of metal and concrete.

More than a day after a major alert brought the city centre to a standstill, shutting down Broadmead shopping centre and sparking the evacuation of thousands of people, Army bomb disposal experts finally uncovered the object feared to have been an unexploded German bomb at 6.30pm yesterday The area was heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz on Bristol in 1940 and 1941.

A painstaking operation was staged to uncover the suspect device. When it was finally unearthed, it was found to be a lump of concrete with a steel reinforcing bar inside - possibly part of the former Allied Carpets building, which previously stood on the site.

The cost to the taxpayer of staging the 28-hour operation and the losses to businesses affected by it have yet to be calculated but they are likely to reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.

However, the police stressed that public safety was the top priority in dealing with the incident and said future alerts would be dealt with in the same way."

19th Jun 2006, 11:05   comments (0)

Lazy Days

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Lazy Days - Housemate's bedside table.

Contents of Ashtray
A Pair of Teabags,
Multiple Pairs of rollies.
13th Jun 2006, 16:54   comments (0)


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Modern Antiques
1st Jun 2006, 23:06   | tags:comments (1)

Happy Days

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Happy Days !
25th May 2006, 19:57   comments (1)


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Aidial !
23rd May 2006, 18:58   comments (0)

Class A

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A bit of Class A to start the day !

Rhywfaint o Glass A ben bora !
17th Apr 2006, 14:48   | tags:,,,comments (0)
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