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These photos have only one thing in common: each is something I saw that I wanted to remember for some reason.

If you're sick of pictures, I also put words online at my livejournal. And this Moblog's LJ feed is "offensivemoblog" if you want to keep an eye on it over there.

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Kansas City skyline

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The KC skyline this Sunday morning from my hotel room. You'll note the three completely empty roads at the bottom of the photograph. This road is not empty just because it's a Sunday; it's representative of the traffic in KC as a whole.

I have driven around at peak traffic times and can assure you that KCitizens can consistently describe distance in minutes.People from KC believe their traffic is "awful" and have described delays of "up to 10 minutes!!11OMGZ0r." I invite them all to London, except not really because they shuffle along at 2mph, four or five abreast.

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12th Nov 2006, 15:03   comments (0)

Some of my desk

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Hm. This is related to my recent LJ post and doesn't really stand alone.
Sorry, mobloggers.
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3rd Nov 2006, 13:05   comments (0)

17 IKEA boxes

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Look what Tim and I get to build!(Sent via Sidekick)
2nd Oct 2006, 17:46   comments (2)

Hen weekend: speedboat 1

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Catherine is marrying Clive. So we are going on a speedboat on the
Thames. Maybe it's a metaphor. Later: karaoke!(Sent via Sidekick)
2nd Sep 2006, 17:58   comments (0)

Hen weekend: speedboat 2

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2nd Sep 2006, 17:33   comments (0)


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Mainly this is for my friend Andy.(Sent via Sidekick)
24th Aug 2006, 13:06   comments (0)


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In Ballygally--er, um, Ballygalley, whichever--none of the signs in the
town agreed on the spelling.
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2nd Aug 2006, 11:54   comments (0)


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2nd Aug 2006, 11:51   comments (0)
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