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Now back in more regular job with a desk.

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The Dubai Palm - visible from space

(viewed 837 times)
The Palm - taken from 44th floor of the Grosvenor House and you still can't see it properly. Apparently it looks great from space (ok, and aeroplanes). Building some more roads might be a good idea.
25th Jan 2007, 15:07   comments (6)

The casino that never was

(viewed 702 times)
25th Jan 2007, 15:04   comments (7)

No absence of soul

(viewed 661 times)
31st Dec 2006, 17:37   comments (5)

Then home again

(viewed 538 times)
31st Dec 2006, 17:37   comments (1)

Two views of Dubai

(viewed 615 times)
31st Dec 2006, 17:20   comments (2)

I just wanted some clean socks...

(viewed 596 times)
31st Dec 2006, 17:17   comments (1)

Soon to be the tallest scaper in the world, the Burj in Dubai

(viewed 766 times)
While, I would prefer to go for a walk with Caine or Mandy, this was impressive in its way. Though the shaky pic from a taxi window could be improved.
17th Nov 2006, 16:10   comments (8)

Laundry heaven

(viewed 621 times)
17th Nov 2006, 10:19   comments (3)