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new graveyard....but first

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the village is getting a new graveyard, it was the allotments before, but first, the 'time team' from the council are digging around and having a look. I will go and ask what they are expecting to find next time I see someone there........

Zum Jugs!!!!!

joining in with SLG and factotum in showing you my

dangly ones...(?)

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14th Jan 2007, 13:24   comments (5)

blossom deary...

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14th Jan 2007, 13:23   comments (6)

wooohoooo prizes!!!!!!!

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Pirates of carribean treasure !!!!!!! motion activated HUGE model of captain take out of the box or not, that is the question....thanks Alfie !!!!!
13th Jan 2007, 10:25   comments (14)

the empty house

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The Empty House
by Walter De La Mare

See this house, how dark it is
Beneath its vast-boughed trees!
Not one trembling leaflet cries
To that Watcher in the skies
Remove, remove thy searching gaze,
Innocent of heavens ways,
Brood not, Moon, so wildly bright,
On secrets hidden from sight.

Secrets, sighs the night-wind,
Vacancy is all I find;
Every keyhole I have made
Wails a summons, faint and sad,
No voice ever answers me,
Only vacancy.
Once, once the cricket shrills,
And far and near the quiet fills
With its tiny voice, and then
Hush falls again.

Mute shadows creeping slow
Mark how the hours go.
Every stone is mouldering slow.
And the least winds that blow
Some minutest atom shake,
Some fretting ruin make
In roof and walls. How black it is
Beneath these thick boughed trees!

It's about time those gnomes did some gardening!
11th Jan 2007, 10:20   comments (16)

Look at the lovely(ahem) beezer

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Not the best pic in the world....he was distracted by Dido walking off with his pigs ear chew....yuk

can you see what it is yet?

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10th Jan 2007, 09:18   comments (19)