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It's ALWAYS in the last place you'd think to look for it!


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If they look pink, grainy or therwise cr@ppy then it's likely they've been taken with my Sony Ericsson T610 aka "the P.O.S."

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Bonkers Honkers

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This tw@t sat outside the Abbey branch in Southwark Street, London bashing his car horn every two seconds pissing everyone off. I went inside before he left so if there was a bank raid at the Abbey I have a picture of him.

And if there wasn't I still think he's a
24th Jun 2004, 15:11   comments (0)

First Fish!

(viewed 874 times)
Congratulations to oldest son James.

His first freshwater fish! A small perch...

19th Jun 2004, 17:14   comments (6)

Food glorious food

The Borough Market - this lunchtime. Yummyyyy

1. Cheese
2. Olive oil(s)
3. Bread
4. Octopus (oh yes really)
5. Asian
6. Sweeties
7. Sweeeties #2
8. Fruit and vegetables

We were lucky today - the cockney c*nt , Jamie "pukka" bleedin, Oliver wasn't there...
18th Jun 2004, 12:43   comments (6)

Gin n Tonix

(viewed 977 times)
Tanqueray and Tonic. Plus LIME. Never ever lemon. Drank rather too many of these today.
16th Jun 2004, 22:41   comments (6)

Emerson Lake and Lake and Palmer

(viewed 772 times)
ELLP - party at the Hop Cellars.. If only....
16th Jun 2004, 22:41   comments (0)

UKIP (losing) candidate supporter across the road from me

(viewed 725 times)
Neat touch with the Trotter waggon though!

15th Jun 2004, 23:04   comments (2)

Our Builders

(viewed 564 times)
Recommended. Strongly. Excellent!
15th Jun 2004, 23:03   comments (0)


(viewed 640 times)
Killing time outside Bank of America in Bromley
15th Jun 2004, 23:02   comments (4)