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monkey world

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Well i have a few photos of this chimp at monkey world,that loved to pose for me,i dont know the name of the chimp but i will find out,taken on a nokia n70,trough glass,
15th May 2006, 22:31   comments (2)

lulworth cove

(viewed 905 times)
Well i spoted the lost spades and buckets at lolworth cove.Just saw the great colours,taken on the nokia n70
2nd May 2006, 01:53   comments (2)

lulworth cove

(viewed 1970 times)
This was just on the side,a guy was paintimg them. just thought the colours are so bright,,,thats makes the photo
1st May 2006, 03:35   comments (2)

downside abby

(viewed 951 times)
This photo was taken with the nokia n70. At the downside abby. that is nr bath,in the uk ,this is a working monastry,hopfully i will be going here again so i will put a lot more photos on
19th Apr 2006, 02:44   comments (0)

light house

(viewed 888 times)
.this was taken at the weekend at portland in dorset with a nokia n70, not sure why the photo is small,,i am getting used to the phone,,i hope allso some one could tell me why if i put the txt on to the mms msg, it does not come out on the moblog,,,any coment on that would be very gratfull,
10th Apr 2006, 02:07   comments (0)


(viewed 852 times)
.this photo was taken on the same day, taken with the samsunge z320i,,witch is a good camera phone, but had to take the phone back to o2, so i have a nokia n70 now,, so i shall be taken photos with the n70 in the next few days,,,
27th Mar 2006, 20:44   comments (1)

kimbridge,dorset coast

(viewed 1410 times)
Well,im hopeing to keep this blog up dated.Mutch more.With new photos.This photo is from kimbridge.In dorset.,the photo was taken on a samsunge z320i the o2 i.mode phone,1,3 megapixels,on the higest settings,,
17th Mar 2006, 02:36   comments (1)

pyranees village

(viewed 935 times)
this was a great village,in the south of france,in the pyranees, last year.,well saturday has started a bit slow,,there it a few big games today i now southampton have norwich saints have to win that,i just hope thay do,,and of course no mat le tiss this time
30th Apr 2005, 12:57   comments (0)
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