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Hello! I present some frequently blurry and occasionally pretty pictures, all taken on my K700i... ta-daa!

Service may be patchy at best, since my laptop's being tinkered with and I can't figure out how to work the SnaggleTooth majigger on my dad's computer. Come out of my phone, little pictures, be freeeeee

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Huh... it appears that I have 'overdone it'. I have C.F.S./M.E., a fact
which I have conveniently managed to ignore in recent months. As neel said, I am both the most active and illest of his friends... Bad combo, paws. Bad combo.

So this here is my view for a while. Hopefully about a month of lying on my back doing nothing will mean my body forgives me for all the gadding about.

I wasn't sure whether to talk about this... (IllBlog: Body Strikes Back!)
I've never kept any kind of diary/blog as it's always felt a little whiny.
But knowledge seems to make the world a better place, so honesty seems like the best policy.

I hope this is coherent. Now, for some qualidee ceiling-gazing time!
23rd Apr 2006, 14:34   comments (6)

crappy crappy crappy

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I am having a BAD DAY.

Not one but TWO of the Macs at work died, in what I'm told is a permanent way, leaving me with nothing I could do, despite looming deadlines.

At the station, I tried to book specific seats for my exciting six-hour train journeys next week, only to be told, 'we're not a Virgin station so we can't book seats on their trains'. Oh, really? Controlled my overwhelming desire to shake my fist at the sky and howl 'damn you, privatisation!' Grgrgrgr

It's raining and cold again.

So I bought stuff.

1) to keep me entertained on said six-hour journeys. At that length, it better be good, is all I'm sayin'.

2) It's all gone now. My teeth are about to fall out.

3) As a passing observation: orange foam must be gathered from somewhere deep in a rainforest by one elderly man, at the waxing of the full moon. How else to explain the paying of so very many pounds for six teeny weeny bits of it? Please tell me there's a cheaper solution to quiet, quiet nights?

Ok, rant over.
19th Apr 2006, 20:10   comments (16)

happy happy happy

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Sandals! For the first time this year. Be free, my toes.

I was late for work because I painted my nails. If my workplace had an employee of the month, it would probably not be me.
18th Apr 2006, 18:43   comments (8)

last night I...

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...hung up ALL my clothes (I would've taken a 'before' picture but am too ashamed).
And then to celebrate this momentous occasion, I ate up Sunday's pear and chocolate crumble. It's... just... SO... good...

Just another thrilling evening chez paws!
18th Apr 2006, 18:34   comments (9)

now this - this I couldn't eat

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M&S;'s freaky-ass chocolate bunny - wide-eyed in the face of imminent consumption
16th Apr 2006, 20:42   comments (6)

so, we meet at last...

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my nemesisesises - I /will/ finish them today. Even in the face of extreme fullness from pear and chocolate crumble.

I wish everyone at moblog bunnies and daffodils and fluffy chicks and egg-shaped deliciousness!
16th Apr 2006, 19:13   comments (15)


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15th Apr 2006, 17:52   comments (0)

what the...?

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What IS this 'Lifestyle Protection Centre'?

I imagine bodyguards for hipsters - "we'll make sure no-one spits at you for having ridiculous trendy hair".
15th Apr 2006, 17:27   comments (3)