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Hello! I present some frequently blurry and occasionally pretty pictures, all taken on my K700i... ta-daa!

Service may be patchy at best, since my laptop's being tinkered with and I can't figure out how to work the SnaggleTooth majigger on my dad's computer. Come out of my phone, little pictures, be freeeeee

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I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow, see a rainbow too

(viewed 623 times)
So bright, it made my phonecam go all weirdy-like
2nd Jul 2006, 11:02   comments (1)

Why, thank you

(viewed 995 times)
Every other shop had rainbow flags and 'Happy Pride' in the window. Surprisingly nice to see it from a church.
2nd Jul 2006, 00:37   comments (0)

*brain explodes*

(viewed 704 times)
Behold the Dyke March!
2nd Jul 2006, 00:35   comments (2)

Pride hub

(viewed 550 times)
Note the little rainbow on the street sign. That's because we're in the Gaybourhood. Did I mention I love Toronto?

At this point I was hot and none too fresh, it must be said.
2nd Jul 2006, 00:32   comments (0)

Well, look who it is

(viewed 698 times)
It's only Tricia Helfer! Wave hello to Tricia, everyone! Then give her a cardi, she looks chilly. All in the name of presenting Canada's Next Top Model, no less!

Horrifying, yet addictive.
2nd Jul 2006, 00:29   comments (0)

The most active, funny, sweet 84-year old I've ever had the pleasure of meeting

(viewed 552 times)
took us for a spin. Big in gherkins, apparently. Kept talking about them. The gherkins. While the boat did that up-and-down thing.

30th Jun 2006, 19:12   comments (2)

Paws went sailing!

(viewed 531 times)
Looks nice, doesn't it? Not shown: the waves, going up and down, up and down, up and... bleuuuurgh
30th Jun 2006, 19:08   comments (2)

I'm just so amused

(viewed 511 times)
Frat house! Like in the movies!

29th Jun 2006, 11:58   comments (1)