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Hello! I present some frequently blurry and occasionally pretty pictures, all taken on my K700i... ta-daa!

Service may be patchy at best, since my laptop's being tinkered with and I can't figure out how to work the SnaggleTooth majigger on my dad's computer. Come out of my phone, little pictures, be freeeeee

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purdy houses in The Annex

(viewed 564 times)
29th Jun 2006, 11:55   comments (0)

Queen West funkiness

(viewed 615 times)
22nd Jun 2006, 16:39   comments (0)

Whilst gallery-hopping we came upon...

(viewed 581 times)
a great exhibition in a tiny gallery on Queen West. An eery story was played out in those tiny etched perspex cubes, lit by changing colours throwing light and shadow up the wall. Haunting music completed the amazingness. Unlike anything I've ever seen before.
22nd Jun 2006, 16:36   comments (3)

Witch warning

(viewed 557 times)
22nd Jun 2006, 16:32   comments (6)

Financial district austerity

(viewed 535 times)
I love all the tall buildings here. I am totally cured of my vertigo!
22nd Jun 2006, 16:28   comments (0)

A complete rainbow

(viewed 544 times)
and some unidentified scum churning underneath. Pretty much sums up the beautiful falls/hideous tourist crap combo of Niagara.
22nd Jun 2006, 16:24   comments (3)


(viewed 462 times)
Swamprose, Helena and I carbopped all the way to Niagara Falls and back. We took that boat trip into the steam. Stupid amounts of fun were had. Woop woop!
22nd Jun 2006, 16:22   comments (1)

Oh, no

(viewed 572 times)
Somewhere, a tiny person is unhappy
19th Jun 2006, 05:34   comments (3)