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Hello! I present some frequently blurry and occasionally pretty pictures, all taken on my K700i... ta-daa!

Service may be patchy at best, since my laptop's being tinkered with and I can't figure out how to work the SnaggleTooth majigger on my dad's computer. Come out of my phone, little pictures, be freeeeee

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Kensington market

(viewed 447 times)
I like it. I like it a lot. With its boho funkiness and all. Graffiti and pretty houses!
13th Jun 2006, 17:43   comments (2)

...and then

(viewed 431 times)
....then there are the totally nuts buildings. Are those giant crayola?
13th Jun 2006, 17:38   comments (1)

Ridin' in the swamprosemobile

(viewed 446 times)
So, there are some very tall buildings in Toronto. Lex Luthor could run his evil empire from here, no?
13th Jun 2006, 17:36   comments (2)

First excursion

(viewed 435 times)
and it is now. Frozen yogurt in pineapple and lime... *wipes drool off keyboard*
13th Jun 2006, 17:29   comments (1)

Oh dear god

(viewed 596 times)
A moose in mountie guise. Hmm... could I be in Canada?
13th Jun 2006, 17:28   comments (8)

Just had time...

(viewed 502 times)
to squeeze in a quick birthday lunch for my dad, pre-gadding
13th Jun 2006, 17:25   comments (4)

Holiday preparations

Ahahahahaa, Toronto here I come, with freshly cut hair courtesy of my new
terrifyingly hyperactive hairdresser Anthony, and a big bag of English

It's going to be the bestest three weeks that ever there were!

[Edit] There used to be a picture of me here. I'm starting to feel anonymousification is a good thing. So now there bain't. I'm sure, somehow, you'll contain your disappointment.
3rd Jun 2006, 11:45   comments (4)

...and got freaked out by a large floating octopus.

(viewed 564 times)
Which was all quite enough excitement for one day.

27th May 2006, 23:07   comments (8)