Whispered Shadows by Peanutsandwich

by peanutsandwich

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"If thou be'st born to strange sights,
Things invisible to see,
Ride ten thousand days and nights,
Till age snow white hairs on thee,
Thou, when thou return'st, wilt tell me,
All strange wonders that befell thee,
And swear,
No where
Lives a woman true and fair.
-John Donne

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--You know I can't leave here. Please... I offered you tea, can you stay a while?--

(viewed 644 times)

8th Nov 2004, 21:22   comments (0)

Then do it yourself.

(viewed 843 times)

8th Nov 2004, 21:20   comments (0)

--I... can't.--

(viewed 610 times)

8th Nov 2004, 21:19   comments (0)

Yes. Of course yes. Tell me what you need.

(viewed 796 times)

8th Nov 2004, 21:19   comments (0)

--No. First tell me, will you do it?--

(viewed 612 times)
8th Nov 2004, 00:41   comments (0)

Do you have to stand there? You'll fall - come and talk to me, please?

(viewed 670 times)

8th Nov 2004, 00:40   comments (0)

Your letter said nothing. Just another riddle attached to a skeleton key.

(viewed 1276 times)

8th Nov 2004, 00:34   comments (11)

I found the right room, eventually. Why am I here?

(viewed 764 times)
6th Nov 2004, 22:30   comments (0)