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can i like post pron, dude?

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remember the expression fuggly?

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no, no, i did not bust that, sir. twas not me...

(viewed 954 times)
12th Jan 2005, 10:40   comments (3)

creatures in charge of protecting teh caek

(viewed 999 times)
yesterday at my nephews birthday party [2]
11th Jan 2005, 08:35   comments (1)

get under my skin. your [onion]

(viewed 990 times)
can somebody please explain to me why onions need avertising. is
seriously somebody gonna see this add and decide to buy more onions???
10th Jan 2005, 10:16   comments (8)

well good, radio stars are pathetic

(viewed 936 times)
9th Jan 2005, 15:00   comments (1)

this ninja has been protecing our kitchen for 5 years now

(viewed 989 times)
time to send him into an early retirement...
8th Jan 2005, 09:02   comments (4)

meet my godson tarik = teh coolest

(viewed 1318 times)
he came to visit this last wknd and played ratchet & clank for 11 h.
this is when we dragged him to the museum
5th Jan 2005, 13:54   comments (6)

erasmus - the candyraver

(viewed 1690 times)
4th Jan 2005, 14:36   comments (2)

the jiva cat meme

(viewed 3697 times)
please dont get angry with me. my imagination is very very very limited
and sad... i agree!

here are alfies and monkeypunks remixes... i know. much better!
4th Jan 2005, 08:35   comments (6)