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can i like post pron, dude?

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remember the expression fuggly?

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oh no xmas soon?

(viewed 1073 times)
19th Dec 2004, 13:39   comments (0)

every year the same lame ass jokes

(viewed 1267 times)
18th Dec 2004, 08:21   comments (2)

yoko, mek me flowah soup tonite???

(viewed 996 times)
17th Dec 2004, 16:12   comments (5)

discoveries while doing restorage

stuffs what i forgots to post or messed up while repostage or sumink

my loss: 3 images that i sent straight from my phone and did not backup. plus 3 images that i could not reupload because i goofed with the restorage tool. plus 1 audiofile, which is actually the thing i am kinda depressed about... because it is my niece saying "my pumas my pumas my pumas"

to sum up: it helps to be a fake moblogger.
16th Dec 2004, 07:08   comments (6)

if you were drowing in green slush ...

(viewed 1131 times)
... what sign would you give?
14th Dec 2004, 05:49   comments (2)

where we sat

(viewed 1012 times)
12th Dec 2004, 06:58   comments (2)

no pissing here

(viewed 1286 times)
11th Dec 2004, 06:13   comments (4)

seemingly unrelated

(viewed 992 times)
8th Dec 2004, 08:19   comments (1)