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can i like post pron, dude?

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remember the expression fuggly?

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bleeding hell

(viewed 1156 times)
the bears lost against the lions
6th Dec 2004, 06:17   comments (8)

3D spec'd

(viewed 1165 times)
1st Dec 2004, 06:23   comments (5)

explain this to me like i am a five year old (which, emotionally, i may well be...)

(viewed 13577 times)
three images:
2 show alex de large attacking an old lady with a white clay penis, with
which he eventually kills her.
one showing female breasts. almost blurry. hard to make out.
which one gets deleted?

please help me understand this here.

image 1 is nudity: because it shows female nipple
image 2 is not nudity: because it shows male nipple
image 3 is not nudity: because its ... i dunno ... art? (so then image 1
is not art?)

so then i think image 4 must be nudity and should be censored: because
it shows my mouth. with my mouth i give great oral sex (in fact i am
quite the oral sex expert. ask monkeypunk... i still have a few openings
in my schedule... sorry lads, women only) and i talk dirty like you
would not believe...

or: how long are we gonna allow puritan and prudish american policies to
limit our freedom of expression?
17th Nov 2004, 14:57   comments (41)

like clockwork orange

(viewed 3424 times)
2x the penix battle
1x the temptress
16th Nov 2004, 06:48   comments (3)

*defiantly smirks*

(viewed 1330 times)
14th Nov 2004, 07:38   comments (7)

foggy flog

(viewed 837 times)
13th Nov 2004, 08:17   comments (2)

is calvin not happy with hobbes?

(viewed 1408 times)
9th Nov 2004, 09:57   comments (2)

smelly sure needed a bath ... uhhh

(viewed 1160 times)
5th Nov 2004, 14:46   comments (1)