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can i like post pron, dude?

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remember the expression fuggly?

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going to a CC event in geneva today

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fcuking early twas and the train not working.

going to see the marvellous paula le dieu. woo.
4th Nov 2004, 10:44   comments (0)

this planet is beyond hope now ...

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i think its time to look for another planet, dudes

ps: anyone may comment on my blog, except spiteful republicans [try
3rd Nov 2004, 16:56   comments (14)

trade union demo last wknd

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or: the world is going to shits, but the swiss demonstrate for better

[# 3 is my best foto ever with my mobcam]
2nd Nov 2004, 07:27   comments (3)

the filthy monkey it ... i dunno ... considers cleaning up the mess [?]

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1st Nov 2004, 05:55   comments (4)

feet underwater

(viewed 1092 times)
brilliant final scene of the italian movie lampedusa
30th Oct 2004, 14:39   comments (4)

creative cleaning

(viewed 893 times)
29th Oct 2004, 15:20   comments (4)

my niece, her barbie and teh chocolate ice-cream

(viewed 845 times)
28th Oct 2004, 11:00   comments (2)

pop.com: its a bit odd

(viewed 1125 times)
27th Oct 2004, 09:58   comments (2)