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London Pillow FIght Club 2

The rules of Pillow fight club are :

Tell everyone about pillow fight club

Turn up at pillow fight club venue with a nice soft pillow hidden in bag.

At exact given time pull pillow from bag and fight

Do not fight anyone withour pillow in hand (unless they want it)

This shared moblog is open to anyone, so if you have great images and pics from the event, please send them up to the address below for all to see!

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pillow fight club

(viewed 749 times)
posted by /Alfie
20th Dec 2004, 18:33   comments (0)

pillow fight club

(viewed 613 times)
posted by /Alfie
20th Dec 2004, 18:31   comments (0)

pillow fight club

(viewed 735 times)
Preppedposted by /Alfie
20th Dec 2004, 18:04   comments (0)

pillow fight club

(viewed 628 times)
Whats in the bag?posted by /Alfie
20th Dec 2004, 17:58   comments (0)

pillow fight club

(viewed 724 times)
Preambleposted by /Alfie
20th Dec 2004, 17:51   comments (0)
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