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You've told us all what music you're listening to and what book you're reading, now tell us what game is currently eating away at your social life.

suggested by Groovicron

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...and he says it was you that superglued my finger to my chin.

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Is this true Mary?

Posted by Groovicron

10th Dec 2006, 20:54   comments (2)

Bubble Shooter

(viewed 1762 times)

Posted by pedro

17th Nov 2005, 13:22   comments (0)

Retro Soccer

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Loved this game on my trusty old Amiga. Now in plug n` play handset
thingy. Cool!

Posted by Tomsk

3rd Aug 2005, 19:01   comments (0)


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plinky-plonky aquatic microbial music for the DS... Just brings a
smile to your face. Also, the Japanese packaging is lush. So much fun!

Posted by Rich

2nd Aug 2005, 22:42   comments (0)


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posted by Joe

12th Jun 2005, 22:05   comments (2)

Crazy mental

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Business Jesus takes on the scum of the city in Madness Interactive.
Spent hours playing this the other day.

posted by Groovicron

16th Mar 2005, 10:07   comments (2)

dual screened goodness

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The DS could well be a lot of fun - Warioware is fantastic, and the Metroid thing is groovy as well.,

posted by Rich
13th Mar 2005, 22:47   comments (2)

Several Hours Later...

(viewed 2271 times)
So far it seems to be fairly similar: it's not as good simply because
it's a lot less subtle in its plotting (unless it's really going to
surprise me at some point) and it's not really an evolution of the form
in the way that the original was.

Several annoying UI things - deselecting weapons and items should be
easier, as should turning off active biomods. They've dumbed down the
upgrade system, too, but I have been impressed by the number of side
missions and variation thus far. It reminds me, as much as anything, as
the first one, but I don't think it's going to be quite as graceful an

posted by neel

12th Mar 2005, 22:12   comments (1)
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