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You've told us all what music you're listening to and what book you're reading, now tell us what game is currently eating away at your social life.

suggested by Groovicron

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Steer Madness

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Playing as a cow, riding a bicycle, running errands for a vegan
animal-rights activist. Not what I expect to do on a normal day.

posted by akp

28th Feb 2005, 19:42   comments (1)

Not bad so far...

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it's kind of an open ended, non linear, 3rd person shoot em up, where
you get to cap bad guys for cash...there's something satisfying about
being able to switch sides... if the price is right....

posted by Joe

28th Feb 2005, 19:32   comments (4)


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If your a Live Player? Add my man: JD3V1L

posted by Kayze

26th Feb 2005, 23:10   comments (4)

XBox Games

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I separated my favourite XBox Games and dvds to one side for easy access.
Favourite Games:
Halo 2
Burn Out 3: TakeDown
Need For Speed UnderGround 2

Not pictured:
Def Jam: Fight For NY
The Sims: Urbz

posted by Kayze

23rd Feb 2005, 03:52   comments (9)

Statement: HK-47 is back.

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So all you organic meatbags had better be on your toes.

posted by Groovicron

22nd Feb 2005, 08:45   comments (2)


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This is sick and twisted, but a lot of fun -- thanks Cranky and
Sallypnut :)
/> --akp

posted by akp

6th Feb 2005, 17:17   comments (2)

I HATE golf!

(viewed 1489 times)
but THIS is one of the most addictive games ever made....ever.
posted by Joe
23rd Jan 2005, 18:34   comments (2)


(viewed 1708 times)

posted by mat

22nd Jan 2005, 19:24   comments (1)