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You've told us all what music you're listening to and what book you're reading, now tell us what game is currently eating away at your social life.

suggested by Groovicron

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Uplink and Psi-Ops

(viewed 1239 times)
On my new PS2 (an unexpected xmas pressie) I'm playing Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. One of the best games I've played for a while.

On the PC, I'm playing Uplink (Linux version)

posted by blaster219

1st Jan 2005, 02:17   comments (2)

Dave and Mr. Tickles

(viewed 1151 times)
A little Karaoke Revolution 3.

posted by Tori

30th Dec 2004, 23:35   comments (1)

Paper Mario

(viewed 1346 times)
Really cool visual style, as well as interesting stylistic story telling
and combat modes. I am not a fan of turn based combat, but I am giving
it a try...

posted by akp

23rd Dec 2004, 15:16   comments (2)

psychedelic freeform jazz pinball

(viewed 1121 times)
Best. Pinball. Evar.
Utterly, totally, endearingly insane, brilliant intricate tables, very challenging.

posted by Rich
21st Dec 2004, 14:59   comments (0)

Half-life 2

(viewed 1426 times)
Well, I'm not playing but Cranky is. It's pretty creepy. The game, that is, not Cranky.

posted by sallypnut

18th Dec 2004, 01:52   comments (0)

Prince of Persia 2

(viewed 1595 times)
Real pretty and kind of fun, but I have started to get frustrated with
the whole - repeat this whole area becuase you missed a long jump and
died at the end - thing. I don't think I have the patience to play this
one to the end...

posted by akp

17th Dec 2004, 23:34   comments (6)

The Urbz: Sims on my DS

(viewed 1439 times)
True to form for this week, I accidentally erased my game.
Nevertheless, this is a great game for the DS. They could have used the
touch screen a little better, but it is pretty darn good.

posted by akp

17th Dec 2004, 23:27   comments (0)

Not bad for 35quid

(viewed 1150 times)
Brand new with some pokemon game (that has now been traded towards Mario, Metroid and Zelda)

posted by Groovicron

15th Dec 2004, 13:03   comments (2)