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The hand-made paint people on the pavement
The spate of dead squirrels on the road
The sunset viewed from the bus over the lake as everyone else reads Heat.
Did anyone else see that?

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Tell us something we didn't know

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Hard to make this one out, but a little biplane headed over Borehamwood, and
passed Tesco and my office for half an hour.

The idea was clearly to tell the housemates the football result. However, as
Big Brother had shown them the match in order to temporarily distract them
from common assault and food fights, this was actually the only thing they
knew about the outside world.

Not the Sun's finest moment. Certainly not their worst though.

18th Jun 2004, 23:17   comments (1)

All ready

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Photographer. Tripod. Telephoto lens. Yes, the Sun's in town.

Borehamwood seems to be the perfect place to film Eastenders and Big
Brother. They have a lot in common.

18th Jun 2004, 23:14   comments (0)

Trouble a-brewin'

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When this van turns up in Borehamwood during the Summer it always means
trouble. And not just because it's parked on the pavement.

They're from the Sun. Which can only mean some ridiculous publicity stunt
involving getting information to the Big Brother House.

It does however always happen during my lunchbreak, so I got my camera

18th Jun 2004, 23:11   comments (0)

You don't have to be stupid. Just think you are.

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What if we just ran out of puns and stupid jokes? We'd just have to fill the
tabloids with totally meaningless crap.


Thursday's newspapers were a classic of the genre.

18th Jun 2004, 23:09   comments (0)

It did really happen

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On the phone to Mum walking to the garage near my office when I interrupted

"Hold on a sec. A six foot fireman's helmet just rode past me."
"Is everything alright? Are you sleeping OK"

It came out from behind the fire station, did a semicircle and went through
the door again. And then, like some deranged Swiss clock, it did it again.
Frankly, I'm glad I got a picture.

Then I tracked it down to its garage and got another one. No-one believed me
until I showed them. It really is a six foot helmet on wheels.

18th Jun 2004, 23:04   comments (4)

I'm not in Borehamwood. I'm in a beautiful forest. Damn.

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Pass through a weeping willow, stand still, and pretend you're not in

Didn't last.

18th Jun 2004, 23:01   comments (3)

Camera Crew

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Going to recap on a couple of days' worth of weirdness

Thursday. Followed into work by a camera crew. With booms and a little

In Borehamwood, that usually means Eastenders. Which means I'll forget all
about it until Mum calls me in a month's time to say I'm on TV.

18th Jun 2004, 22:58   comments (0)

Touch of the council

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Pure Hertsmere Borough Council this one.

Lovely patch of grass and trees behind civic offices, so I sat down to chill
out and have lunch.

And a massive rubbish truck pulled up and sat there spewing out fumes and
noise throughout my lunch. Cheers guys.

16th Jun 2004, 21:24   comments (0)
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