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I like to read, Sci-fi and Fantasy mostly, listen to an increasingly eclectic selection of music, and watch movies.

I work for a major insurance company, processing claims.

I am a doting Auntie of some wonderful children, both by blood relation and by choice, and by marriage.
{{Edison, Kaelie, AedanRose, Emmaly, Jessie, Maaiken, Ceara, Aaron, Samantha, Sierra and Ella.
This is not to mention all the cousins/second cousins/third cousins I have inherited through my husband!
In case it hasn't been made abundantly clear yet, family is very important to me.

I am addicted to Disneyland, pin-trading and eyeore.

I have two "children" so to speak...
and Lou/ise...;=&prodid;=&.done=http%3a//
I have some of the best friends anyone could EVER wish for.


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