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Dhamaka :) says:

Becoming the first ever photo blogger to be invited to the G20 Summit is an exciting honour and huge responsibility. Whether demanding that a politician returns from holiday for whatever the crisis-of-the-moment is (surely everyone understands that without serious breaks any human being’s judgement is impaired); demanding that paid money is returned (the long term implications of breaking contract law scare me witless) or demanding short term fixes without consideration of their hugely negative long term implications, the way that events are reported and discussed by mainstream media alarms me. I’m a journalist too and understand the time and editorial pressures but that understanding adds to my disquiet.

The trouble is that it’s human nature to stop thinking if someone else is doing it for us. Not worrying about where we’re walking or driving because our friend has satnav or a map, falling asleep or not thinking properly in a meeting because our colleague’s doing fine without us, complaining that we turned our feet on a hole in the road when we should have been looking where we were going. It’s nobody’s fault, but we’re all worth more.

I’m hoping that by using photos more than words I’ll give people cause to think for themselves. I hope that providing visual representations of different perspectives will encourage others to consider different sides of the stories. I hope that images will help people make up their own minds. The images will, I hope, enable people to make decisions based on more than the written word or glib, practiced presentations on radio and TV.

I’m also hoping that those who are interested will contribute their own views and opinions beneath the photos and that something useful will result.

I have 2 supplementary reasons for being enthusiastic about joining the other G20Voice bloggers;
- I'm hoping to start a photographic competition for UK school children this year. I'm hoping it will encourage them to express their feelings and environmental issues using still cameras and am hoping that my G20Voice blogging will put me in a place where it's easier to find the right organisations and sponsors to make this into the success that the children deserve.
- My friend Lucia has suffered far too much. The more publicity her case gets, the more pressure will be felt by the Dutch Powers That Be and hopefully the sooner she can resume a more normal life. ( and although the latter seems to be down at the moment)

Will all this work?
I know it’s ambitious..
I’ll just have to wait and see!


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