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It's Jess and I, hard day at faire.

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Fairietink says:

Tink asked me to update this, as I have now met her in person. She is being a meanie because I am drunk atm..but I want to make her laugh! This bit still applies.... Tink is a very dynamic individual as long as she is fueled by copious amounts of coffee and tootsie pops, without these items provided by a early morning drip Tink has this overwhelming urge to let work hang for the day and hibernate til rescued! the end the red dye of her hair permeates her roots to her brain and she arises again.. a red haired sexy ladyee!

And this bit....Tink can work in her pj's if she wants to and is adept at multitasking, torturing players online, talking on the phone, working and drinking coffee...sporadically suffering from cats arse syndrome and suffering the occasional desire to inflict shock therapy on her kids;)

This bit needed updating though. Tinks personality shines. She is a damn good friend and will do her best to help out those she considers her friends. She is generous, supportive and fun to be around and can shop like a trooper and party till dawn! That red dye means she is a true horror if crossed but I don't think that's a bad thing hehe! If you have Tink as a friend your life will be all the richer:)

Cause I am to lazy to do it myself, that was brought to you Via Hellion, from


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