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The beginning of my career has moved forward when I was invited and admitted to a restaurant in which I work up to now. It had been very hard, but it had been amazingly what I enjoyed. The tasks that were put earlier, I performed a swagger. After I had to fire three employees at once for drinking alcohol during working hours. It turned out to be a challenging time. Two cooks left and three of us were left. You will find 200 seats in the kitchen. I am grateful to people who stayed with me and pulled out of this crisis. We labored for a month and a half without weekends until we recruited a team and trained them in everything.
It is my fifth season since a Su Chef. There's a specific arrangement of this institution and that I must stick with it, but I would like to cook other dishes also. I tried to fool my brain. On weekends I phone a photographer and we did such a picture shoot of dishes in my personal performance. It lasted for maybe two months. Then I decided to do cooking courses for men and women that like to cook. I was drained after 3 months, it had been very tiring. Hello, my name is Mark, I'm 36 years old, so I am employed as a cook, or instead as a sous-chef at a restaurant. I'm married, I have two children, my spouse and I have been married for ten years, and our children are old enough to go to school. I am fond of extreme sports, so I take video clips concerning meals, and put them on youtube.