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Web developer/designer and keen amature photographer with a big thing for decent live and recorded music and a deep passion to blow the lid on skin cancer and why we aren't winning the battle in the UK.

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Getting down to Earth about skin cancer
Nobody knows what skin cancer is, so let me clear this one up. Solar Protection Factor is useless at preventing Melanoma. There are different forms of skin cancer with different causes, even down to the type of UV rays. There aren't 70,000 cases of serious skin cancers in the UK a year just 5,000, making melanoma a rare but at the same time potent cancer.

Because there are two types of skin cancer there should be two different starting points before you consider your skin cancer avoidance plan.

Melanoma isn't about how much UV you are getting, but how strong that UV is over a series of short time frames, for example 20 minutes at lunchtime. This type of short sharp burst of UV is a big factor in melanoma development, the body is shocked into trying to protect itself. One of two results occur a tan or a burn.

However the cells which make melanin are being overworked and in some people (not everyone) these melanocyte cells don't know when to stop and then go on to form melanoma cancer. A tan offers very little protection against melanoma, because a tan shows that the body to some extent can regulate melanin better than someone who gets sunburnt easily. A tan is a sign of your body trying to protect itself from getting skin cancer that's the irony.

Non-melanoma cancer grows more or less contained in the first layer of skin and is closer to being benign. MALIGNANT Melanoma drills into the deeper layers and without wanting to shock you that's where the circulation system lives and that's why melanoma is a big deal. It may spread before it is taken out, but it may hide for many years too.

That's a serious wake up call as to what you think skin cancer actually is and what causes it and why it matters to check your skin not your sunscreen. Knowing the ABC signs of malignant moles (Asymmetry, Border, Change or Colour) is far more effective against Melanoma than sun avoidance.

We haven't even begun to turn the tide, but we will. It's why I'm still here! Pale is beautiful as are freckles.

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