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The Mobile Learning Moblog is authored and edited by Leonard Low, Online Campus Manager at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). He has been a member of CIT’s Flexible Learning Solutions department for 4 years - an organisation committed to innovative approaches to improving learning outcomes, and has been involved with a number of National Projects including Flexways, Toolbox Champions, and the E-Standards for Training Experts Group. Leonard is also author of the Moble Learning Blog at
Previously, Leonard worked as Quality Manager for Catayst Interactive, a company specialising in commercial e-learning solutions, where he also assisted the development of e-learning materials for the Department of Defence’s AIR-87 Project (Eurocopter Tiger Armed Reconnaisance Helicopter). Leonard has a degree in Computer Science, as well as qualifications in training and management.

In his spare time, Leonard enjoys modern partner dancing, horse riding, kayaking, motorbikes, art, poetry, music, and drama.


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