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I love wordplay and drawing withs pens and more recently paintbrushes. I love subtle satire and dry profane humour.

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'I first became interested in art when I realised I wasn't very cleaver'

Born & raised in England, Monsieur Cabinet (Dave) is an illustrator and designer currently living in Leeds
A graduate of Kingston University, London, when Dave is not illustrating in his studio, he teaches Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art.
His work focusses on the mundane & profound, often leaving traces of his mistakes which he likes to learn from.

I like alternative comedy
I like turkey soup
I like homographic & homophonic wordplay
I am climbing Ben Nevis this year
I collect found passport photos, vintage handheld games & the number 8
I have been on TV
I designed a spoof book on 'How to Garden' and got Alan Titchmarsh to sign it
I used to spell 'bird', 'brid'
I suffer from claustrophobia & vertigo but love abseiling & hiding in cupboards
I once saved my sisters life in Scotland
I have played golf once
I can not abide noisy eaters & lateness
I can put an apple symbol after my name
I was once blind folded, put in a car, driven into the country side and was left there to find my way home
I once made up a fictional band called 'Mr Apple & the Classic Stuff' which appeared on radio
I have met all of my idols except Glen Baxter
I would like to write my own sitcom
I would like to get into the Guinness Book of records
I can't decide whether to buy an iPhone, digital camera or keyboard
I would like to visit Grand Canyon and take a photo facing the opposite way
I would like to fix an old Vespa
I would like to go to Canada and watch an ice hockey match and ride a horse
I would like to build a canoe or submarine
I would like to stand in front of a Giant Redwood tree


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