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"You know your children are growing up when they stop asking where they came from, and refuse to tell you where they're going.." PJ O'Rourke, author.

"We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we bought a cat/dog. It's cheaper and you get more feet!" Rita Rudner, comedian.

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Dinner tonight

(viewed 601 times)
With my best friend that I haven't met in 7 years. We had a great time
tonight.. :)
6th Aug 2006, 22:37   comments (4)

Winx Club

(viewed 601 times)
My daughter's favorite cartoon character. For more infos on Winx Club fans try
this: WinxClub
4th Aug 2006, 14:41   comments (3)

Dummy story

(viewed 553 times)
Yesterday I bought baby Nadia a new "gadget". well, it's only a pacifier--a thing that maybe every babies have.

I never used it before, as there's a pro and con about it. But then I reconsider as I won't let myself being her dummy. When she's had enough milk, but still need something to calm her and help her to sleep, I use this thing.. so last night I tried and it worked.
4th Aug 2006, 08:49   comments (8)


(viewed 623 times)
Just look at her, oh so adores him much.. :)
3rd Aug 2006, 14:48   comments (11)

A month old

(viewed 543 times)
Today, my little Nadia turns 1 month old. She still pee and poo in diapers
(of course!)..
3rd Aug 2006, 12:33   comments (8)

Richmen cars

(viewed 731 times)
Spotted 2 luxury cars in the quai Bergues, a place in Geneva where rich ppl
from Saudi used to hangout in the summer. A white Ferrari number KLK Al
saudi 999 (how to read arabic, read from right to left).. the other one, a
red Range Rover (HHH Al saudi 111).
2nd Aug 2006, 08:06   comments (4)

Swiss National day

(viewed 555 times)
Today, August 1st.
1st Aug 2006, 07:30   comments (2)

What flavour do you like?

(viewed 785 times)
Me?, I like caramel and vanila, umm... and coffee, no.. pistachio maybe?
uhh.. strawberry too... well, a bit of everything here, please!
30th Jul 2006, 08:18   comments (6)