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"You know your children are growing up when they stop asking where they came from, and refuse to tell you where they're going.." PJ O'Rourke, author.

"We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we bought a cat/dog. It's cheaper and you get more feet!" Rita Rudner, comedian.

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Daughters. Tata's angels ;)
14th Jul 2006, 06:40   comments (4)


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Walking around neighbourhood to see many beautiful flowers. Days are sunny and very hot in the afternoon, so we'd better go out in the morning. Took these flowers shots with my new Nokia 6111, not bad with the natural light :)
13th Jul 2006, 12:12   comments (4)

Chicken floss

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I just knew that in malay it called "serunding ayam" while in indo it's
"abon ayam"... one of the things that my sis brought me.
13th Jul 2006, 11:46   comments (6)

To Azrehot

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I understand that you might not speak/read french, but I already translated
some of the things in your mob :)
13th Jul 2006, 11:43   comments (5)

Family visit

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Sis & bro in law came to visit us last weekend. She brought me many
delicious foods and exotic fruits from MLY :)
12th Jul 2006, 09:52   comments (10)


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Courtesy from the hospital.
11th Jul 2006, 06:08   comments (8)

Hospital blogging 3

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At last, from 16.30 pm I was in, she's born on 21.03 pm that night. Not a
very long waiting.. and an epidural helped so much to keep the pain
8th Jul 2006, 16:32   comments (11)

Hospital blogging 2

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The delivery room. They also have a jacuzzi.. cool !! ;)
8th Jul 2006, 16:27   comments (8)