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"You know your children are growing up when they stop asking where they came from, and refuse to tell you where they're going.." PJ O'Rourke, author.

"We've begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we bought a cat/dog. It's cheaper and you get more feet!" Rita Rudner, comedian.

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Got my new phone and renew my subscription. Kinda cute, eh?.. one side, it looks like a digicam, turn and you'll have a mobile and they have 3 colours to choose: silver, black and pink, and guess what colour I've chosen? yeah.. PINK! :D

Details of this N6111 is here:
23rd Jun 2006, 06:12   comments (13)

Need help to choose

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I got an offer from my mobile operator to choose a new phone as a gift of my 2 yrs subscription. I use Samsung now and like to change to Nokia, but there's many other brand and model to choose from.. I'm a bit confused. I think I need some advice here, I just need basic stuff actually, I'm not much of a mob tech expert..

Here's the offer:
Nokia: 1600, 6020, 6103, 6111, 6230i, N70.
Other models from: Samsung, Motorola, SPV and Sonny Ericsson.

Can somebody help?..
22nd Jun 2006, 10:39   comments (16)

Group shot

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This is class of 2006 (daughter's preschool) school holiday will start on
June 30.. now, can you spot my lil' girl??...
22nd Jun 2006, 09:45   comments (4)

Sweet tooth

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These are Macarons. It's a french pastry made from egg whites, almond
powder, sugar, icing sugar. This sweet pastry came out of the oven as round meringue-like domes with flat base. It's delicately crunchy on the outside, while chewy and flavorful on the inside. Me and daughter like this pastry soooo much... :)
21st Jun 2006, 06:42   comments (18)

Choc comfort

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I'm not a chocoholic, but agree that the smell of chocolate may influence
the brain waves, resulting in relaxation. Chocolate contains phenyl
ethylamine, a mild mood elevator.
20th Jun 2006, 11:24   comments (14)

Summer Sale!

(viewed 583 times)
*sigh*... how could I go browsing the stores with my swollen feet and ankle,
big and heavy bump and... an empty pocket?...
20th Jun 2006, 11:12   comments (6)

a bit jealous here?..

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She's too big to sleep in the cot. As we're preparing the room for the
newborn, she decided to become a baby again... a bit jealous, perhaps?..
19th Jun 2006, 12:37   comments (11)

Stairway to..

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.. toilets!. Morning friends, it's only 5.30 am now here. Why 1st thing in
the morning I post this pic?, is it becoz that's the 1st thing we go to
after waking up? well, maybe... nah, I just want to remind Jules how she
loves toilet pic so much... and please go to "DAMES" ok J?? :D
19th Jun 2006, 04:52   comments (11)