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Probably not just at weekends

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31st Oct 2008, 12:55   comments (3)

Seu Jorge

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I went to the Seu Jorge gig last night at the Roundhouse and it was
really disappointing.

The lighting and sound where dreadful, people were playing
instruments and you just couldn't hear it.

That all said the band were great and I had a good time.
31st Oct 2008, 12:55   comments (0)

Badly targeted advertising or offensive?

(viewed 771 times)
The adverts obviously know that I'm engaged, I've been getting lots
of wedding adverts, but it also thinks that I would want to meet
"Single in my area"
31st Oct 2008, 12:40   comments (0)

*Geek Alert*

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So the N810 doesn't have a secure case, now it does.

Does this make me a Geek or a Nerd?
28th Oct 2008, 12:59   comments (6)

I've been shopping too!

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The dilemma:

I want a PDA like my old Palm but faster and better.

The solution?:

Being firmly in the Mac camp I instantly thought of an iPhone, job
done you would think. However, The iPhone has a few fundemental flaws
in my opinion the main one being it is a rubbish phone. Dropping
calls, bad sound, the inability to deal with MMS, and the lack of
Vcard handling to name but a few. So I got to thinking, why not keep
my phone and get an iPod Touch? It runs the same software!

So I looked at the Touch and I started to read about other flaws, No
cut and paste, no bluetooth, no memory card slot, and an App store
where people are lining up to take your hard earned cash.

Then I came across the N810 Internet tablet, it's not a phone... but
you can Skype, you can also link it via Bluetooth to your phone and
use it as a modem for collecting email and web surfing. Add to that
really strong Wifi reception and you have a contender. I then found
out that it runs on an opensource Linux OS and that lots of people
have been porting software over from Debian for free and things just
got better from there. It has GPS (although it takes a little while
to lock on for the first time), it can play many movie formats, it
has removable memory, it can read your USB memory stick, it has a
clear and large screen. I think we can safely say that I love this
product and am very impressed with it. I am running Abiword and
Gnumeric which covers Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and for
things that people have not got around to porting to Maemo I can boot
off a memory card and use a lite version of Debian. On Debian I am
running Open Office and Ice weasel (a version of Firefox). It aslo
has GIMP but it feels to weird editing photos on it.

Did I mention that it has a keyboard too?

I bought one for £300 which is about £30 more expensive than the top
end iPod Touch but it is worth every penny.

One down side is that it doesn't come with a very good case, it's a
flimsy leatherette thing which is fine for your pocket but I wouldn't
trust it in your bag. So...
28th Oct 2008, 12:56   comments (2)

We've been shopping

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Who knew that there was so much to this wedding lark? We have been
digging deeper into the mysteries of nuptial shopping... I say we,
but it's fair to say that Laura is working a bit harder at it at the
moment. This was one specimen that I found in Wimbledon, luckily we
both agreed that it is not right for our wedding... It would have
suited me though. The dress is actually sorted now and although I
have not seen it I am assured that it is beautiful. I have however
been blown away by her shopping skills, it's a £1100 dress that she
managed to find on eBay, it's a sample but it turned up looking brand
new and pristine. The cost? £17 + £30 delivery... Brilliant, we might
just have enough money left to buy the cake that I want. it's a
carrot cake in the shape of a carrot!
28th Oct 2008, 12:38   comments (9)

Westfield Shopping centre

(viewed 686 times)
The roof of the very beautiful Westfield shopping centre, it opens on
Thursday and every shop in a 8 mile radius is quaking.
28th Oct 2008, 12:30   comments (0)


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28th Oct 2008, 12:30   comments (0)