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Full of Leopardy goodness

(viewed 795 times)
I have heard lots of bad things about Snow Leopard, but so far all is

Mail is a lot less buggy and so much faster, almost all of my programs
work and only a couple have asked for Rosetta to be installed. I am
resisting and trying to find work arounds.

I am also using it as a chance to remove those less than legal
programs that have resided on my hard drive. Why do I need Photoshop?
I'm starting to find great freeware/shareware apps that more than meet
my needs and are less resource intensive. If only I could find a cheap
DWG editor!
21st Sep 2009, 06:17   comments (4)

What not to do

(viewed 570 times)
When you get a Typhoon warning, do not leave out your Gondola.
15th Sep 2009, 13:43   comments (4)

My new outfit

(viewed 618 times)
Found in Hong Kong
15th Sep 2009, 13:42   comments (4)

A bad sign

(viewed 539 times)
See that drop of water... that's a bad sign!
15th Sep 2009, 13:40   comments (1)

Tasty, apparently.

(viewed 534 times)
15th Sep 2009, 13:40   comments (3)


(viewed 703 times)
it's normal, all right!
15th Sep 2009, 13:38   comments (0)

Pinkitty pink

(viewed 833 times)
The 80's are alive and well here in Hong Kong
15th Sep 2009, 13:37   comments (3)


(viewed 794 times)
I seem to have knackered my screen, if only there was somewhere to
find cheap watches here in China...

On another note I recently picked up an iPhone and this is my first
shot from it. All of the others have been very poor indeed! What can I
say, great phone, lovely OS, fab apps, and pants camera. I think that
I had a mobile 4 years ago with a better camera. Oh well I will just
have to start carrying the Lumix around with me, this could be a
blessing in disguise.
19th Aug 2009, 12:27   comments (6)