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(viewed 1314 times)

Posted by ViX

12th Oct 2007, 13:14   comments (2)

Consolation by Michael Redhill

(viewed 1488 times)
by a canadian, up for the Booker-Mann prize.
I started reading it in a book store and couldn't put it down.

It is about Toronto. And about photography. and more.

posted by wolverine swamprose

Posted by swamprose

25th Sep 2007, 07:09   comments (3)

The Red Queen

(viewed 1977 times)
Does for sex and sexuality what The Blind Watchmaker did for Darwinism.

Posted by Alfie

Botany of Desire

(viewed 1497 times)
by Michael Pollan. The Apple, Tulip, Marijuana and the Potato. An old
favourite. Check out his most recent book, 'The Ominvore's Dilemna. Nice
writer, nice sense of humour. wish he ran the world.

posted by swamprose

Posted by swamprose

1st Sep 2007, 03:14   comments (1)

Richard Morgan's Black Man

(viewed 1965 times)
(Not *our* Richard Morgan :D )

This book reads like a world clarification for morgans books; broken angels, altered carbon and woken furies. Those are wonderful books, hard as bitten steel nails with small platinum nuggets of insight into the bleaker aspects of the human condition, all woven into a well realised future of artificial humans, galaxy wide colonisation and gritty as sand in the eye close combat warfare.

Black man is set a good 200 years before the 'takeshi kovaks' novels, a great imagined look at an america of 100 years hence in an earlier takeshi universe, and a dark and hard scifi romp.

There are plenty of people who think 'scifi just isn't for me' after having read an Asimov book 15 years ago. The brilliant writing and human insight in this book might change their minds, just tell them your loaning them a hardboiled detective novel :)

12th Aug 2007, 17:41   comments (8)

mmmm zombies

(viewed 1465 times)

Posted by adampknave

4th Aug 2007, 01:23   comments (6)

wigu! The bravest boy in the world

(viewed 1280 times)
Immensely sweet and funny, google for the web comic

Posted by Alfie

2nd Aug 2007, 20:08   comments (0)

Sea side

(viewed 1544 times)

Posted by Euphro

30th Jul 2007, 12:24   comments (2)