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what are you reading? what should other people be reading? books, comics, newspapers, contracts - any reading at all...

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Night, Elie Wiesel

(viewed 5517 times)
"The witness has forced himself to testify. For the youth of today, for the children who will be born tomorrow. He does not want his past to become their future."

Posted by Caine

10th Jul 2006, 09:03   comments (4)

Grendel, by John Gardner

(viewed 1467 times)
Beowulf, from the monster's point of view."At the same time, I am secretly unfooled. The uproar is only
my own shriek, and chasms are, like all things vast, inanimate.
They will not snatch me in a thousand years, unless, in a lunatic
fit of religion, I jump."A very good read.

Posted by Caine

2nd Jul 2006, 05:53   comments (3)

Waiting for Gertrude

(viewed 1354 times)
A favorite.

Posted by Caine

26th Jun 2006, 06:41   comments (0)

I'd only ever read his Francis books ...

(viewed 1393 times)

Posted by squeakybird

26th Jun 2006, 02:42   comments (2)

Singularity Sky

(viewed 1747 times)
thanks for recommending this Euphro - I really enjoyed itposted by 3Dhamaka

im not reading this at the moment.

(viewed 1379 times)
But its a fantastic book of short stories by Clive barker.

Posted by backwards lamb

10th Apr 2006, 22:50   comments (2)

The Princess Bride

(viewed 1534 times)

Posted by Helen

30th Mar 2006, 17:43   comments (10)

If you know what's good for you.

(viewed 1671 times)
18th Mar 2006, 18:27   comments (0)