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what are you reading? what should other people be reading? books, comics, newspapers, contracts - any reading at all...

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Sort of. This is her second set of wyoming stories. Heart Songs is similar in style but bleaker.posted by OJ

Posted by OJ

1st Dec 2005, 13:15   comments (5)

Annie Proulx - Close Range - Wyoming Stories

(viewed 1374 times)
Series of rather "twin peaks esq" short stories, brilliantly written.

Posted by Joe

1st Dec 2005, 12:45   comments (0)

managed to complete one book...

(viewed 1327 times) onto another.
apparently my boyfriend is going to get my to have a hobby even if it kills

Posted by spongevid

30th Nov 2005, 11:33   comments (1)

ta low!

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Posted by traed

24th Nov 2005, 20:16   comments (0)


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I'm not much of a reader (other than techie books and stuff I have to
read for my job) but I do like autobiographies, and who better to read
about than Valentino Rossi.

Posted by archer

8th Oct 2005, 16:15   comments (1)

being made to read a book...

(viewed 1240 times) taken to waterstones today and was told by the boy he was going to
buy me a book.
me suggesting "where's wally" didn't make him smile.
and me also saying "i'm not a keen reader" in a bookshop isn't the best
thing to say. oops.

Posted by spongevid

2nd Oct 2005, 15:33   comments (2)

Sex With Kings

(viewed 1631 times)

Posted by onceupon

16th Sep 2005, 17:20   comments (0)

ty nain - yn aros yn hen lofft mam

(viewed 1228 times)
gran's house-staying in my mum's childhood room. poor the discontented pony!

Posted by traed

15th Sep 2005, 00:06   comments (0)