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All about the GUE ~:)

(viewed 1514 times)
posted by Euphro

Difficult Questions About Videogames

(viewed 1515 times)
Just starting it and seems a fairly interesting read. The questions
have answers from such luminaries as Warren Spector, Dave Perry, Jeff
Minter and longwinded pretentious answers from Kieron Gillen (well it's
why we love him).

posted by Groovicron

5th May 2005, 10:01   comments (2)

Mmmmn. Mobile brain ache.

(viewed 1566 times)
Im not drunk, I was just born that way.

posted by Musilate

1st May 2005, 17:19   comments (0)

Mmm.. Geekery.

(viewed 1574 times)

posted by bronxelf

30th Apr 2005, 13:56   comments (2)

astonishing stories

(viewed 1562 times)
short stories = good for the commute

posted by VenusInFurs

28th Apr 2005, 23:59   comments (1)


(viewed 2710 times)
Gaiman. Genius.

posted by mat
27th Apr 2005, 19:17   comments (1)

Vonnegut ist sehr gut!

(viewed 1789 times)

posted by nige

26th Apr 2005, 22:09   comments (5)

Dumas is good stuff

(viewed 1380 times)

posted by Lyzardly

26th Apr 2005, 20:19   comments (0)