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what are you reading? what should other people be reading? books, comics, newspapers, contracts - any reading at all...

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Very interesting read.

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I'm not a HUGE Manson fan, but his autobiography is quite intriguing.

posted by daz

25th Apr 2005, 12:56   comments (2)

well, what my son is reading...ewww

(viewed 1303 times)
posted by Phoenix
22nd Apr 2005, 22:11   comments (0)

The Unifying Force

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Just finished the 19th and final book in the New Jedi Order series.posted by Groovicron
21st Apr 2005, 10:11   comments (4)


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Oh Reading.... I thought you meant "Reading" my mistake

posted by rassilon7

16th Apr 2005, 21:13   comments (0)

Go dog. Go!

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posted by sunnidae

16th Apr 2005, 16:48   comments (0)

The Orientalist

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Another one I need to read but can't afford.[*]

posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

16th Apr 2005, 15:11   comments (0)

McSweeneys Enchanted Chamber of

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Also, now wearing khaki shorts and half a pound of all-natural leg hair.[*]

posted by Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri

11th Apr 2005, 02:43   comments (0)


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posted by Lyzardly

4th Apr 2005, 15:24   comments (0)