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On, by adam roberts.

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Its not that often that friends recommend sci fi writers i Havent read so im really looking forward to this.

Posted by Alfie

8th May 2008, 12:25   | tags:,comments (3)

Clay Shirky's here comes everybody

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not started yet, but heard very good things.

Posted by Alfie

30th Apr 2008, 12:53   comments (0)

Comics day

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Posted by Alfie

27th Apr 2008, 16:17   comments (0)


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Posted by parabolichobo

22nd Apr 2008, 14:28   comments (0)


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At last, the new Agenct Cormac novel is out, I've been really looking
forward to this.

and why is Amazons packaging so bloody enormous?


Posted by Alfie

27th Mar 2008, 14:09   comments (2)

more sterling Stross

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I love this guy's future visions. Even given that his writing style is gawky (but improving) and some of his books are ... err.... a little naff... and even though his books are sometimes slow to start, his near-future and far-future stories (and their implications) have a compelling logic.

Halting State is a typical Stross. Slow to start (but the writing style's improving) it has an over-the-top kind of humour an amusing story and believable future that dragged me along. IF he carries on like this he'll be ranked as one of this generation's Brunners or Besters

Posted by Dhamaka

26th Mar 2008, 01:30   comments (0)

Your Inner Fish

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But why live in these environments at all? What possessed fish to get out of the water or live in the margins? Think of this: virtually every fish swimming in these 375-million-year-old streams was a predator of some kind. Some were up to sixteen feet long, almost twice the size of the largest Tiktaalik. The most common fish species we find alongside Tiktaalik is seven feet long and has a head as wide as a basketball. The teeth are barbs the size of railroad spikes. Would you want to swim in these ancient streams?

It is no exaggeration to say that this was a fish-eat-fish world. The strategies to succeed in this setting were pretty obvious: get big, get armor, or get out of the water. It looks as if our distant ancestors avoided the fight.

But this conflict avoidance meant something much deeper to us. We can trace many of the structures of our own limbs to the fins of these fish. Bend your wrist back and forth. Open and close your hand. When you do this, you are using joints that first appeared in the fins of fish like Tiktaalik.

Posted by Caine

20th Mar 2008, 00:27   comments (2)


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Thanks for the headsup Rich, its a wonderful book.

Posted by Alfie

16th Mar 2008, 15:59   | tags:,comments (0)